AikidoKids 24-hour Bay Area Gasshuku
@Aikido West - 2pm Saturday October 29th through 2pm Sunday October 30th. is pleased to announce our annual Autumn 24-hr. event - A total of seven classes, with five instructors - Housing and 3 meals provided. Proceeds go to charity.

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Instructions below - but here are the forms you might need:

1] Please note that while the flyer specifies kids need to be age nine or older, experienced 7 and 8 year olds attending with either a parent or an instructor are welcome as well.
2] All participants need to be ready, in terms of maturity and experience, to train with young-at-heart adults as well as other kids.
3] Participants are asked to bring bokken and jo, but Aikido West has some training weapons available for those without their own. On Saturday evening, all participants will have the chance to practice bokken (wooden sword) cuts on pumpkins out in the parking lot (we get a discount on the ugly pumpkins that didn't sell, and we compost the resulting carnage).

4] Everyone is encouraged to pre-register

Download the Registration form and send it in (before October 25th, if possible)

please let us know if your child has any food allergies or dietary restrictions, so that we can provide meals accordingly.

5] If someone else (another parent, an instructor) will be bringing your child to the event, download and fill out the Aikido West waiver form or your child will not be able to train. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST HAVE A VALID, PARENT-SIGNED WAIVER IN ORDER TO TRAIN. (waivers will be available at the dojo if you are bringing your own child on Saturday)
6] Ask me if you have any questions (Robert Kent -