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We've collected some of our favorite Aikido related sites and put them all in one place for you. There are three major categories:

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Martial Arts resources - directory of Martial Arts related websites.
Aikido Journal
Online Aikido Magazine with lots and lots of content. A primary source for articles in English translated from original Japanese sources. Run by Stanley Pranin Sensei, who organizes the Aiki Expo.
Aikido Online
Online Magazine, Marketplace, Art Gallery, Dojo Listings, etc. Run by members of the USAF (US Aikido Federation) and focused on the teachings of the senior USAF Shihan (Yamada-sensei, Kanai-sensei, Chiba-sensei, etc.). A good source for small QuickTime video clips of techniques.
Online Magazine about events, technical tips, terminology, etc.

Aikido Calligraphy

Aikido World Headquarters

Home of Aikikai World Headquarters and Honbu Dojo.

Site has sections on technique, concepts, ideology, poetry, and a list of instructors

The Aikido FAQ - answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Aikido.
Another excellent repository of Aikido information. Has sections on language, techniques, weapons, philosophy, interviews, etc. and databases for dojo search and seminar calendar
Sections on the Founder, Lineages, Publications, an Event Calendar, etc.
Aikido West logo

Aikido West

Redwood City, CA

Chief Instructor - Frank Doran, Shihan, 7th Dan

Youth Instructor - Robert Kent, 3rd Dan

Affiliation - CAA

The Aikido Center, Sacramento, CA

Chief Instructor - Matt Fluty, 4th Dan

Youth Instructor - Theresa Fluty, 3rd Dan

Phoenix Aikido, Fairfield, CT

Chief Instructor - Chett Rubenstein, Nidan

Affiliation - AAA


Rising Sun Aikido offers Traditional Ueshiba style Aikido at a self-defence club in Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset, England. Their kids program website - Rising Stars - has lots of great content.

Griffith Aikido Institute
Griffith Aikido Institute in Brisbane, Australia offers, besides regular kid's classes, an ‘Aiki-doh’ schools program based on Aikido Yuishinkai. That 8 part program, linked left, begins with the ‘Principles of Peace’ module which introduces ‘martial body’ and the body’s natural protection resources.

Aikido Kids - Aikido Training with David Luddington Sensei

Taunton, United Kingdom

Aikido of Diablo Valley

Aikido of Diablo Valley

Concord, CA

Chief Instructor - Frederic Rowell, 5th Dan

Youth Instructor - Shari Dyer, 4th Dan

Affiliation - ASU

A German dojo in Fellbach - and their site has a delightful, multi-lingual section devoted to kid's answers to questions about aikido at this link.
Nashville Aikikai - Nashville, TN
Instructors: Mary and Tom McIntire
Affiliation: ASU
California Aikido Association - Directly affiliated with Hombu Aikikai, the CAA has three divisions, each led by a prominent sensei (Pat Hendricks, Frank Doran, and Robert Nadeau)
Aiki Extensions, Inc. was established in September, 1998 to support and enhance communication among those who apply the practice and principles of aikido in venues outside of conventional dojo settings.
KidPower International KidPower TeenPower FullPower develops and offers a wide range of upbeat effective community violence prevention and self esteem building services.
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